I'm Maria. I'm a blogger, university graduate, marketing coordinator, an activist, and a pet mom. 

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Throughout part-time, contract and co-op opportunities, I have been fortunate to collect a variety of experiences and projects that display my knowledge in a variety of areas of marketing.



I post weekly blogs on various topics. Some of them include lifestyle, activism, tutorials or learning opportunities, and more. If you have a topic that you're interested in my perspective on let me know!



Learn more about my as a former co-op student at the University of Waterloo, being president of the UW Animal Rights Society, my work experience and me as a person! Iā€™d love to connect further as well.


On the blog


ā€œI am always looking to meet with new people to learn more. Have an idea that you'd like to share or need extra hands for a project? Reach out to me!ā€