I’m Maria. I’m a University of Waterloo graduate, marketer, blogger, activist and pet mom. I graduated from my program Honours Arts, Co-op, Major Sociology, Double minor Digital Arts Communication and Philosophy. Typically you will find me blogging, mingling in the community or hanging out with my cat and hedgehog!


During my time at UWaterloo, I made incredible connections from working in various roles across the university over three years. I am fortunate to have had been a part of the University Relations team at the University of Waterloo for just under two years. As Digital Communications Associate, I was working on special events social media coverage, preparing and designing website for the BEYOND campaign and creating data analytics visualizations through Tableau.

I’ve also had some experience working contracts with various organizations. From GRWTH marketing agency, to S.Sutton & Associates Inc., I have navigated different industries alongside my experience in higher education. Looking at different audiences such as business leaders, government officials, philanthropists, students and charities, I have grown my skills of adapting content for a particular group of people.


At my core, I am an activist. As former Co-President of UW Animal Rights Society, I have not only co-lead a team of 25-45 volunteers in a given term but have helped raise thousands of dollars that have been donated to local Canadian charities. Some exciting projects that we have managed are connecting with speakers from all over the world (such as Australia, the UK and Toronto), designing a vegan-focused app for the University of Waterloo and planning a student-focused vegan cookbook.

Through my time with UW Animal Rights Society, we realized there is a need for mentorship of student activist groups on campus, and thus, Ontario Plant Based Student Association was born. As a director, my role focuses on marketing to students, educating them on marketing tactics and providing print and digital materials to further our advocacy.


On my spare time I enjoy continuously working on my personal website My website is not only a portfolio, but also a blog. I enjoy writing about sustainability, animal rights, activism and lifestyle. I hope to continue to build a socially conscious community of blog-readers and blog-writers. I never planned to have a blog - I just started it to have some writing samples and now it has grown to having 500-600 page views a month. You’ll also hear me constantly reference Murphy and Pin - Murphy is my senior calico cat and Pin is my african pygmy hedgehog! Be ready to check out some pics of them, I’m always willing to share.

Let’s Connect

I’m that person that is always looking for an opportunity to meet new people and network. I am currently in search of a full-time permanent or full-time contract opportunity in Waterloo, Ontario. My areas of specialty are marketing, communications, data analytics, web design and social media. Let me know if you’d like to grab a coffee or set up a Skype meeting to talk more about your business, charity or volunteer opportunity.