You should start a blog - One year of Maria May Marketing + GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]


Happy birthday to this website! It was one year ago when I began blogging. It started as a way for me to practice my writing, have material for potential job opportunities and a result from feedback from one of my co-op employers. It’s become so much more than that! It is now a resource for new activists, a form of activism in itself and a way for me to express my feelings without operating through an angsty Facebook status, haha!

Throughout this journey, I have definitely had hardships and positives. You probably noticed the times where I missed a month of blogging due to moving and school, or when I work super hard on a blog post but it doesn’t mean people will be into that content. It’s a whole learning process and that’s why I have several reasons as to why you should start a blog.

Portfolio building

Like i’ve said before, I started this blog when I was given advice to practice my writing. This was in order to help my job prospects after I finish university. Luckily for me, I have already seen the benefits of this. Recently, I was essentially laid off from my job three weeks before Christmas. I knew that I needed to secure a new job before I went out of town for the holidays. However, I was in an odd situation. I have one term left of university, but with four days a week that I am available to work. There were three ways I could see my current job-prospects looking:

  1. Get a part-time job for three months, while beginning to look for a full-time position after university

  2. Get a full-time job that has reduced hours for three months, then moves into full-time hours once I’m done classes

  3. Ideally, get a job that is part-time until I graduate, and then moves full-time

Through my amazing coworkers (networking is essential, I tell you!) and lots of running around, I was able to get my ideal position where I will be working part-time until I graduate, then move into a full-time position. Throughout the interviews I had in those two weeks, many of the interviewers were impressed with me having a blog. It shows dedication to something you’re not getting paid for, drive to want to write about certain topics and ambition to keep bettering yourself. Those are all things employers love!

Stress relief

There have been several amounts of times I have felt overwhelmed this year. Being in my last year of university, completing my last co-op, job searching - almost everything that sucks for a young person has happened this year. I found stress relief in writing. Sometimes when it got to be too much, I’d sit down and write some blogs. I felt a sense of accomplishment having a stack of pre-written blogs, that then I would simply schedule to post in the future.

If you’ve noticed, a bunch of my blog posts are me also talking about something that I have a problem with, or essentially want to complain about. Free therapy!

A creative outlet - practice, trial and error

A screenshot from my tumblr blog!

A screenshot from my tumblr blog!

My first ever interaction with blogging was when I was fourteen years’ old. I created a blog on Tumblr - I won’t say the URL because that’s simply embarrassing - but it was a curated collection of aesthetically pleasing photos. That’s it. I felt like I was doing something creative, however. I would feel a sense of satisfaction having something I created being nice to look at. This has translated into my current blog as a way to practice writing, develop my photography skills and try new things.

Being able to practice what works, and what doesn’t, prepares me for my day job. As a marketer, it’s great to have a place to see what content does best in a given audience. Having your own blog allows you to put out content and just give it a go. Forget about the expectations to having a perfectly polished blog with perfectly polished content. Use this time for trial and error. Sometimes some topics will not jive well with your audience, and sometimes some will surprise you! An example of this is I was so surprised to see that my top blog post for 2018 was How to Ace a Job Interview. Given that my audience is typically young adults, I assumed they would be more interested in the lifestyle components of the blog, but they proved that they prefer more practical content.

Having these tips as a guide will allow to you better understand what you’re getting into if you want to start a blog. The website edits will never be completely done - I still have so many changed I’d like to make. You just have to be willing to get something up and get rolling on it! Good luck, and if you have questions about starting your own blog, be sure to leave a comment.

Giveaway time!

As a thank you for all of you following along on my journey for the past year, I’d like to do a giveaway! Get ready for a prize pack! It will include:

  • Nuts for Cheese vegan cheese

  • Vegan stickers

  • Vegan print

  • One of my vegan button designs

  • A thank you card

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow me on Instagram @mariamaymarketing

  2. Like my giveaway post

  3. Read my latest blog post

  4. Tag 3 friends that would be interested in this giveaway

  5. One entry per person please!

Rules and Regulations:

Contest opens January 1, 2019 and ends January 10, 2019. Each person can enter the giveaway once. They must comply with the rules of entry including following @mariamaymarketing on Instagram, liking the giveaway post, and tagging three friends. Thank you Nuts for Cheese for providing their cheese for this giveaway. All other items were acquired by Maria herself. Due to the nature of having food products in the prize pack, the giveaway is open to North American residents. This is to ensure that the food products do not spoil in their journey in the post. Maria Morrone/Maria May Marketing and Nuts for Cheese is not responsible for any import/additional fees that are received upon the package arriving. The package will be sent out on January 10 or January 11, 2019 and will arrive during the given delivery period noted to those who are receiving it. If the first participant that is pulled does not respond to the giveaway prize notification in 24 hours, a new winner will be picked. For any questions or concerns, please email

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