Why should we even care about sustainability? - Sustainable Series

Everyday we hear more and more about how our planet’s resources are depleting and that we need to make major changes as soon as possible. This can be a daunting task and may make you feel like anything you do won’t make an effect on the planet because you are just one person. The truth is, the more we all band together, the more of an impact we can make. This is why every person matters.

For the future

The UN released that we have 12 years left to make changes before we are faced with environmental catastrophe. 12 years is hardly a long time. I’ll be 34 by that time! I want a family and to be able to have my own home. With potential environmental impacts on the horizon, that can be impacted. This is why sustainable practices are the next in the future.

My colleagues and I have discussed how each generation had it’s own fight that it fought. From human rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and more, we need to have a significant focus going forward. With young people being activists and picking up the pieces of other generations, our generation needs to band together to focus on our environment and sustainability. Let’s be the future change and become more sustainable.

For the planet


If we have hopes to own homes, have children and move along with our lives we have to face a stark reality - with sustainability not being taken into account, we run into the risks of intense flooding and other environmental disasters that will impact our homes. We often take for granted these opportunities to be in a safe environment.

Consider the California wildfires, they have been ablaze for weeks and have destroyed many homes and lots of land. There have also been wildfires that have ravaged parts of British Columbia. These are only some examples of the environmental destruction that is coming of us acting poorly towards our planet. Being more sustainable prevents waste from entering our oceans, keeps more waste out of landfills and overall helps our planet.

For yourself

Often, people think we need expensive and fancy products to help us on our path to sustainability. This is not the case! Using more sustainable products not only benefits our planet, but also our wallets. Consider the amount of containers you throw away a year - those can be repurposed to gather bulk foods, used for decor or other DIY activities.

This process does not need to be fancy. Simply using what you have will suffice! Bring your jars to the bulk store instead of purchasing plastic packaging or make yourself a nice centrepiece for your table. Becoming more sustainable does not have to be huge drastic changes that wildly inconvenience you, simply doing what works for you will help every bit.

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