Marie Kondo the hell out of your social media in 3 easy steps

So everyone knows about Marie Kondo since her Netflix Series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Previously, she had also written her book The Life Changing Magic or Tidying Up. She uses the KonMari method which focuses on removing excess within your home in order to have a happier life that focuses less on materialism and more on what is most important to you. This isn’t a focus on minimalism - it’s not about living with very small amounts of things, but rather keeping what is important and "sparks joy” for you!

The KonMari method uses a five-step process that includes clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous and sentimental items. Putting these into smaller, attainable chunks allows you to tackle each process. Now, we can take these practices and implement this into our social media routine - we all follow some people on social media that do not spark joy.

Archive posts

I have had Instagram since I was probably 16 years old. Back when the Instagram logo was brown and people actually used in-app filters. That’s a long time, and that’s a lot of crap on my feed. Last year I did an Instagram purge. I decided to only keep the photos that had a great memory tied to them and not the random Starbucks drink I got on a rainy Tuesday. I went from 500+ photos to under 100 on my feed. With the Instagram archive feature, now you don’t even need to delete all of the photos - you simply add them to your archive. It’s low-commitment because if you ever change your mind, you can simply un-archive those photos. I promise that after some time you won’t even feel as though you need all of these digital artifacts constantly on display when you can choose to visit them instead.

I did the same thing with Facebook. As much as the embarrassing photos of my 13-year-old self going through a scene phase is entertaining, it can be overwhelming to have all of this content out there. Minimizing down to the important areas of your life, like only sharing your wedding photo album as opposed to your seventh-grade friend’s birthday party, will make those experiences feel more special and not just another album on Facebook.

Unfollow those who don’t spark joy

Seriously. Just unfollow them. Get rid of your exes, or those annoying girls from high school and especially celebrities, athletes or influencers who make you feel bad about yourself. Why torture yourself and make yourself feel bad every time you hop on social media? Here’s a small list of steps that you can take to get that “following” count down:

Unfollow anyone who:

  • Makes you feel bad about yourself

  • Annoys or angers you every time you see their username

  • You haven’t spoken to in years and don’t see yourself rekindling

  • Exes, ex-friends, or anyone who you are keeping tabs on for unhealthy reasons

  • Companies, brands or people who encourage you to have unhealthy habits (like overspending on new products!)

  • Honestly, whoever you think you’re not going to miss.

It might be a shock at the beginning because you’re so used to seeing content from this person or these people. However, over time it will benefit you in a way you might not be able to see right now. If you constantly are engaging with content that doesn’t make you happy, or worse, makes you upset, it will continuously play on your mind. It’s not worth the emotional turmoil and taxation that goes along with the process. Just cut the crap, and that may mean people.


Organize yourself

If you’re in the process of doing some metaphorical spring-cleaning of your social media, you might as well spend time making sure it looks good. Of course, don’t allow this to be an extremely taxing endeavour, but rather just an element of cleansing. Update your usernames to reflect what you want it to - maybe not the same username you had when you were 11 (I’m looking at you maria_cutiepie_13) and in a seamless manner so it won’t be so hard for you to remember everything. For instance, I have the same username across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to ensure that I’m not mentally taxing myself to constantly remember the differences.

Reflect the self that you want out there. Don’t fake it. Be authentically you. Find ways to put yourself out there in a way you want, whether its a cheeky bio on Instagram, a re-vamped featured profile on Facebook or a new swanky profile pic! It’s always good to have a cleanse or even a fresh start. Take these three steps to Marie Kondo the hell out of your social media and feel the sparks of joy fly your way.

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