The process of writing a vegan children's book (Ft. LuLu Lotus Books)

This week I decided to change things up a bit. The local community has an amazing amount of talent including a variety of vegan businesses! This week we’re going to learn more about LuLu Lotus, a children’s book author and illustrator. Learn more about the process of writing a children’s book for vegan kids!

I asked LuLu to tell us a little bit about herself so we can have a better understanding of her background in breaking through into being an author. She says “I was born in Baghdad and my family immigrated to Toronto when I was 2. I am a young single mother of two blissful boys who keep me very busy. As a child I always dreamed of becoming a mother and book author/illustrator. I am very passionate about veganism and believe the world will be vegan one day- it starts with the kids! I released my first book Kiss or Cook? last November on my 25th birthday.” LuLu has an inspiring story, living what all Canadians aspire to: face adversity and come out on top, even while making a difference in this world for future generations!

Why write a children’s book?

When asked why she wanted to write a vegan children’s book, she tells us of adversity she’s face that has pushed her to pursue writing. “I was going through a difficult time in my life- I was staying at a women’s shelter with my sons who were 5 months old and 10 months old. The other children were intrigued by the food my sons ate and always had questions, which led me to look into vegan children’s books. Nothing was quite what I was looking for and I wanted to design my own book that I could use for my own children. I felt that the vegan message was much easier to spread to children as they are innately compassionate and more welcoming of new ways of thinking in comparison to adults.” This is a huge industry that I predict will grow in the next five years. We’ve seen cookbooks, YouTubers and activists emerge in the last five years and gain notoriety over time, but we haven’t seen much in the children’s book realm.

LuLu says that if you’re looking to get started writing your own book, you should “contact someone who has already done it, join groups and ask questions, all of the answers are out there- go get them!” Finding the right resources will propel you to get you where you need to be.

The challenges of authoring


When it comes to writing a book, it’s not always smooth sailing. Sometimes you’ll face challenges and LuLu mentions some of hers, in particular, focusing on veganism in her children’s book: “I found it somewhat challenging to express gruesome actions in a pleasant way. Initially, I had the idea to have tomato sauce splattered behind the word cook (which would also represent blood). After asking several people for their votes - 99% of them chose the design without the sauce. I decided to go with a much more gentle approach while introducing children to the vegan world.”

I asked LuLu, “what are the most rewarding aspects of writing your book?” She says: “There are several aspects that are rewarding but the first being my older sons interest in the book. He gets excited when he sees it and even points himself and his brother out as I included them in the book (and will include them in every book).

Knowing that I am contributing to a vegan world by planting seeds in the minds of young children gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am not able to get out much as my children are still so young- but I feel I am still doing my part in spreading the word about animal activism. I feel very proud of myself for completing the book during such a challenging time and hope to be an inspiration to others who are going through domestic violence.”

Support local authors!

LuLu is “currently working on the second volume of the series which focuses on animals used for entertainment. The third volume will cover the use of animals for various materials. After I complete this first series - I plan on releasing more vegan focused books.” Be sure to show her your support by purchasing her first book - if you can’t, be sure to share it with your friends, especially your friends with children! Check out LuLu’s book available on amazon and chapters indigo. Feel free to visit her social media pages and connect with her.

“Sending love & light your way!” - LuLu Lotus Books

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