My most frequently used apps (that aren't social media)

I always think how interesting it is that everyone has so many custom thoughts when it comes to the apps on their phone. Many of the apps that I frequently use benefit my time on social media, planning, and organization. If you give these apps a try, let me know what you think. Hopefully you can find something new to try out!



I know this isn’t anything revolutionary, especially if you’ve been on Instagram, like, ever. However, VSCO has helped me so much with my photos. I used to just slap a filter on and call it a day. Now that I’ve learned more about the features in the app, I’ve been able to adjust even small aspects of a photo, as opposed to just throwing a filter on it. For instance, taking photos in the evening with yellow-toned lighting is not super flattering. I am now able to adjust the warm tones by adding in some blue under the “White Balance” option. It’s fun to poke around with these filters - maybe one day I’ll have my own filter pack like every other blogger haha!



UNUM is another social media related app that I use frequently on my phone. What you do with this app is sync it with your Instagram profile (even multiple profiles, which is great for social media managers like me!). Then you’re able to see your feed. This tool is meant for you to be able to plan out what your feed will look like on Instagram. I know for some people this really doesn’t matter, but if it is important for you, it’s so much easier then making an album on your phone and moving things around like I used to. If you’ve noticed on my Instagram, my feed features alternating coloured tiles. Having this app helps me immensely with keeping up with my feed!



You may have noticed a common theme so far and that’s that the apps that I used that aren’t social media, are related to social media. I promise non-social media apps are coming. Anyways, I use Unfold for my Instagram stories. They have templates that you can add your photos and text boxes into to spice up your stories and take them to the next level. There are packages that come with the app, but also ones for purchase. The packages you can purchase are very inexpensive, usually just a few dollars and you get to keep them. If you’re getting ready for a brand campaign or just want some cute stories, check it out.



Although WhenToPost is an old app in itself (you can totally tell from its design choices), I found it recently. This app has been very helpful in upping my engagement on my Instagram. Basically what the app does is integrate with your Instagram and tell you the best time to post based on your followers. I’m not exactly sure what the functionality is that does this, but I suppose that’s why we use an app as opposed to figuring things out on our own! The app gives you the three best times to post a day, as well the overall view of your week. For my Instagram, Tuesdays are the best day to post. This helps focus in on your particular audience as opposed to generalize statistics from Instagram.



HappyCow is for all my vegan pals. It is truly a lifesaver. It takes your current location and tells you what restaurants are nearby that contain vegan options, vegetarian options, or options that you can alter to get a vegan or vegetarian option. I use this especially when I am travelling. For instance, when I was in NYC in February this year, I was able to find the best vegan restaurants when we were out and about and exploring. One of the great restaurants we found using HappyCow was Blossom on Columbus. Get this app for your travels, but also to find hidden gems in your own city.

P Tracker


P Tracker is a discreet app for all of you who menstruate. I’ve been using this app since I first ever got an iPhone, some time in early high school. I use this app to track my menstrual cycle. The app provides you options to also track the symptoms you are feeling while on your period, or not on it. You can track whether you feel bloated, moody, or are in more pain than usual. This has been helpful for me when I have dealt with health issues, as I have everything documented to show a physician the patterns, or lack of patterns, I’m experiencing during my period. The app also takes an average of how long your cycle is, after a few months of using it, and provides a countdown and prediction of the start and end dates of your period. This has been very helpful when trying to plan around vacations or other special events.

Now that you know some of the apps that I use when I’m not hanging out on social media, maybe you can give them a try! I am all for digital minimalism, so I don’t have a ton of non-used apps on my device. These ones are actually used and I value them in my digital space! Thanks for following along and be sure to let me know what apps you use that aren’t social media.

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