It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to - How to support local bloggers

Today, I’m 23 years old

It’s crazy how fast this last year went by. It feels like just yesterday I wrote my last birthday blog post on 22 things I’ve learned in 22 years. In that blog post I focus a lot on introspection and my thoughts of how I’ve gotten to where I’ve been. This years’ birthday is more significant. This is the year that I’ve graduated university, will be moving into the full-time work force and will be reaching milestones like moving in with my partner. I’ve also largely committed to my blog this year, posting weekly blog posts and wanting to grow my community.

This year my birthday wish is for you to know how you can support local bloggers like me. These small actions can make a huge difference in the success of our posts! Don’t worry, I want to give back to all my local blogger and creator friends as well at the end of this post. Be sure to read how you can get involved on this support train!

How to support local creators


Share, share, share

Sharing our content goes a long way! Every time you share our posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. you are guaranteeing that more eyes will see our posts. More eyes on one post means there’s a greater chance that they will click-through to the content we are serving them. For me, personally, I am so proud of how far my blog as come in just over a year. I have been able to see the growth of my posts over time because of wonderful viewers like you that share them! Thank you and encourage your pals to share, share, share!

Visit our websites

Some content creators focus their marketing specifically on external platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. When you see someone post a swipe-up link on Instagram, or encourage you to visit the link in their bio, you can help. By visiting someone’s website they are able to get a better understanding of the type of people that enjoy their content. Through using analytics, we can learn more about user’s patterns and provide the best experiences for you. Visiting our websites are also helpful because then our page view count will climb, indicating growth over time. It’s so easy - all you have to do is click-through!

Buy a product that we recommend

I know that not everyone is in a position to buy every product that their blogger friend recommends. However, most local bloggers that I know only secure brand deals with companies that they believe will actually be beneficial for their followers. Most of the time, these products can do something to enhance your life or make things a little easier. Especially in cases where you could afford a more sustainable option, your blogger friends would be very grateful if you used their affiliate links or bought sponsored products. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of ways you can engage if you cannot afford to be making additional purchases.

Engage with our posts

With the current algorithms, especially on Instagram, engagement with posts is more important than ever. Did you know that the first hour an Instagram post goes live, is the most crucial? The more likes, and especially comments, that someone gets will encourage Instagram to share the photo with more people. Unfortunately, now that posts are not in chronological order, this can have a big affect for people who use social media in line with their businesses or blogs. A little comment or like can go a long way!

Tell a friend!

I’m so grateful to have wonderful friends that tell their friends about my blog. The more people that know about someone’s blog, the better! You may not be interested in the content, but maybe something will come up. For instance, maybe you work at a company that is thinking of doing an influencer marketing campaign to increase sales on their product. Just knowing about local bloggers can drive you into the direction of helping them in the long run. Word of mouth is key, especially in communities.


Blog party

Let’s have our own little party! If you’re a content creator or blogger, please leave a comment telling us a little bit about yourself and your work. I’d love to follow some of you who share the same experiences as I do! This way we can continue to foster a community where we can check in with each other and see how things are going. I look forward to learning more about what you all do!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog over the past year. Although this birthday doesn’t feel as magical as some in the past, I’m grateful to have you all along my side. Try to keep these quick and simple tips in mind and hopefully you can help your local blogger - or me!!

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