Bachelorette party ideas for every bride

As most of you probably know right now, I am the Maid of Honour in my brother’s wedding! As most weddings do, it has consumed a lot of my time being a part of the planning process. Let me make one aspect of it a bit easier for you. Here are some Bachelorette party ideas for different types of brides and bridal parties!

The Wilderness Explorer


Grab your hiking shoes, swim suit and bug spray. This bride is off on an outdoor adventure. If I we’re to plan this excursion, I would rent a beautiful AirBNB in the woods. Grab your favourite gals and head up to a cottage. You can grab some groceries and prepare some great meals as a squad. There’s so many activities you can do all together - go on a hike, have a swim in the lake and best of all, camp fires! I’d also suggest having some evening activities for when you’re all snuggled up. Maybe printable games from Pinterest, awesome movie suggestions, or drinking games. Over-planning is better than under-planning in situations where there’s risk for boredom, like in the evenings after a long day of adventuring. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

The Fun-loving Bride


It may be cliche, but going out on a girls’ night is the number one idea that comes to mind when I think of bachelorette parties. If you want to spice yours up in a new and different way, I suggest planning your night out as a scavenger hunt or bar crawl. You can write a list of tasks that the group should try to complete for the scavenger hunt - whoever completes the most tasks, wins a prize at the end of the night. Some of these tasks can include: taking a photo with a bouncer, convincing someone to buy the bride a shot or having a dance-off with a stranger. When I’ve done this in the past, my rule was “If two or more people didn’t see you do it, it didn’t happen” to encourage people not to lie that they completed tasks. You can align the scavenger hunt with a bar crawl to give more opportunities to complete elements. A bar crawl can be a great way to get your bride to go to all of her favourite places in one night, or a way to try new places in a low-commitment setting because you’ll be heading to the next place. I suggest getting some matching light-up pins or necklaces that you can find at party stores so you’re able to quickly locate members of the party when you’re heading to the next location.

The Brunch Babe


Let’s be real. Who doesn’t love brunch? Having a brunch date with your closest friends is a chill way to get everyone together to celebrate the bride. Especially for bridal parties that consist of working moms, busy professionals and gals short on time, a brunch is a lower commitment then a whole weekend away or evening out. The best part of this type of event is that you can make it as fancy or as casual as you'd like. You can go to a fancy brunch or high tea place and get all fancied up with your heels and dresses. Alternatively, you can make this a more casual experience of just grabbing brunch with some close friends - choose according to your bride!

The Restaurant Hopper


If you’re anything like me, I love giving a new vegan restaurant a try. This is why I think a food tour would be a great excursion for your bridal party. Food tours can start from as low at $55.00 per person, where you attend 3 different restaurants. Sometimes they have a fixed menu, and sometimes the restaurant will set aside a menu where you can choose specific options from a selection of items. Many times a food tour will include a tour guide, and many restaurants are within walking distance. The fancier the restaurant and the more restaurants your visit, the higher the overall price per person will be. These tours can range from as short as two hours or as long as half a day. My only reservation would be to make sure you accommodate all dietary restrictions. Sometimes fixed tours are not as accommodating, so you could always plan your own using the brides favourite restaurants.

The DIY Queen


Since I had a group of girls in my sister-in-law’s bridal party that didn’t know each other, I thought what better way to bring everyone together than a do-it-yourself workshop. We chose to go to a workshop where you make soaps, bath bombs, lip balms, and body scrubs from plant-based materials. Best of all, each bridal party member can choose their own scents and colours, so they are customizable to everyone’s preferences. This is a good choice for groups of people who may not know each other closely because they can choose to work in a team or on their own project. Other DIY workshop ideas include pottery classes, paint nights and jewelry making. At the end of the night, everyone gets to take something home that looks cute and is customizable. The girls’ in my group will also be able to customize their label for their products, which adds a great personal touch. Consider getting your hands a little dirty with your crafty bride for her bachelorette!

The Cardio Junkie


So your bride is the type of person who never misses a spin class, wakes up at ridiculously early hours to go to yoga, and is fit as hell. Lean into that for her bachelorette! Get your Lululemon gear on and hop into a fitness class. This can be something completely new to you like a barre or spin class, or you can spice it up with something new like a pole dancing class or goat yoga. With the endless possibilities of fitness classes, there is something for everyone. My tip would be to ask whether you can reserve a private class for your group. It would be much more fun and I’m sure your bridal party will feel less pressure if it’s just their pals around, as opposed to other fitness-focused-folks. Finding a happy medium for your work out bride, as well as her guests will be what leads to the success of this event.

The Animal Lover


We all have that one animal-loving friend who would probably cry in the presence of a cow or a pig. My suggestion: skip the zoo, aquarium or circus. Go somewhere that actually makes a difference for animals. Look into your local farm sanctuary to schedule a visit. Note that you cannot step into any sanctuary and just show up to pet some animals. You must either schedule a work visit or prepare to visit on a tour day. Work visits are when you provide help through working around the barn, including tasks such as refilling water bowls, replacing hay in the barn and brushing the animals. Additionally, many sanctuaries have open days where you can bring your friends to meet the animals - you’ll have to plan accordingly, but coordination is key in any bridal event!

The Chef-In-The-Making


Maybe your bride is like my brother’s and doesn’t know how to cook (HI JENN YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!). Why not set up a cooking class? This is super fun for a group of people. You can plan for an interesting cooking class for a type of cuisine that you’ve never tried before. Maybe your bridal party aren’t vegan but you are, or to make up for not hanging out in Mexico, you can have a specific style of food be the focus of your cooking class. Typically classes are private and are lead by a chef. You can actually schedule private cooking classes at some of your local grocery stores. However, there are many local businesses that provide this service that would love to host you. Consider this for your bachelorette full of foodies!

The Wine Country Cutie


A wine tour in wine country - this is a classic bachelorette outing idea. If you’re from Ontario, our best bet is heading down to the Niagara region and booking yourself a tour. You can book tours that travel through multiple wineries, or a tour of one specific winery. My pro tip is to make sure you eat! Schedule an awesome lunch mid-way through your tour, or select a tour that includes food. No one wants a Boozy Betty getting sick because she didn’t eat enough. Since you’re in Niagara, you can also hit up the casinos and amazing restaurants in the evening if you’d like to make a weekend out of it! You can grab yourself an amazing AirBnB by the falls and won’t have to plan for a rental car or anything, you’ll be in walking distance to all the fun.

The Adventure Seeker


For those of you who really want to make a spectacle out of your bachelorette party, consider planning a trip. This is completely open-ended and truly relies on your budget. Popular bachelorette locations include Las Vegas, Nashville, Punta Cana and Mexico. I would suggest being very clear with expectations for your bridal party if you choose this route. Ask everyone upfront what they are willing to spend, discuss expectations of paying for meals, drinks and activities. Also give your guests plenty of time to book off work or take up some extra hours to cover the vacation hours. I suggest choosing a location with a short plane ride so you can focus more on having fun at your location, rather than travelling. Pick flights that also are convenient for your schedule as opposed to ones that require you to stay an additional day simply for a flight.

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