DIY Bachelorette party gift for $10 each (including free printables!)

Recently I’ve been pumping out some wedding-related content as my brother’s wedding approaches. For the bride-to-be’s bachelorette party, I decided to make a gift for each attendee. Think: party favour when you went to a birthday party as a kid, but for adults. You know, that kind of thing. Here’s the breakdown of how I kept the cost per gift down in order to fit into my budget.

What’s in the gift?

The gift that I planned contained the following elements:

  • A custom stemless wine glass ($2.50)

  • Pink nail polish for each bridesmaid to wear on the wedding day ($2.00)

  • A cactus candle ($1.50)

  • A bridesmaid button ($1.00)

You can’t forget the wrapping! The following supplies were used:

  • A white box ($3.00 each)

  • Paper filler ($15.00 total)

  • White ribbon ($1.50 total)

The total cost you can expect for this project for 6 people is about $45.00 for the gifts and $20.00 for the wrapping. Roughly, spending $65.00 for all of your gifts.

Gather your supplies

Now that you have an idea of what you’re putting in your box, it’s time to gather your supplies. I really value the amazing artists on Etsy, but sometimes the elements can be very expensive when you have seven people to be purchasing a gift for. To mitigate some of the cost, I used some DIY!

Custom Wine Glasses

Photo by Slaybels on Etsy

Photo by Slaybels on Etsy

For the custom wine glasses, I went to the dollar store an obtained glass wine glasses for $1.50 each. Then, I wanted to customize each glass but didn’t want it to fade over time. I debated using markers or paint, but learned that you can purchase wine glass decals on Etsy for only $1.00 each! Using decals from Slaybels on Etsy, I was able to adhere the decal by just sticking it on like a sticker. Then you have a customized wine glass for only $2.50 as opposed to $10-20 each. I chose to put the individual names of each bridesmaid, but you may want to put “Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour, Bride” etc. on yours.

Nail polish

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Amazon

I knew that I wanted to add a nail polish colour into the mix so that each bridesmaid will be wearing the exact same colour on the wedding day. Of course, when working in a budget you want to be able to find a polish that won’t break the bank. I wanted to choose the essence makeup “the gel nail polish” in the colour “sweet as candy.” These polishes range from $3.00-$4.00, depending on where you purchase them. They are also cruelty-free. However, I visited 5 Shoppers Drug Marts, plus the cosmetics section of grocery stores, and the pharmacy and couldn’t find them. Instead of spending an arm and a leg on shipping, I ended up purchasing Sally Hansen’s “hard-core pony,” which is similar in colour. Best part: they were only $2.00 each!

Cactus Candles

Since the theme of the bachelorette party was “Final Fiesta,” I wanted to add a cactus element into the gift. I stumbled upon some cactus candles in my local dollar store that were too cute to handle. They came in a perfect pack of 6 so I didn’t need to purchase extras! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact same price per candle online, but you can check out Amazon for similar looking ones that cost about $1.00-2.00 per candle. Either way, still a great price!

Bridesmaid Button

The last element of the gift is the button for each bridesmaid. These badge and pin-backs say “bridesmaid,” “bride” and “maid of honour” on them in super cute colours. They were added to each gift so that each member of the bridal party could wear them on our evening out. I chose buttons as opposed to t-shirts, hats, or sashes, not only because they were more inexpensive, but also because they allow each person to wear exactly what they want. Instead of them being forced to wear a t-shirt, or a hat, especially if they don’t like them, they can wear their own clothing but still look a part of a group and acknowledge their presence in the bridal party. I purchased two of these button packs from Ardene. I was in the mall one day with my mom and every single women’s store had a bridal section! The Ardene products were on sale as buy one, get one half priced. Each pack was $6.00 for 3 bridesmaids buttons, a maid of honour button and a bride button. With the deal, they ended up being around $1.00 per button. I unfortunately had an extra maid of honour and bride button, but it was okay! I recommend perusing your local mall in the beginning of spring because it seems like every store comes out with a bridal line.


The use of printables is an easy cost-effective way to make your gift look that much cuter! I made 3 different printables. The first one is gift tags. These are just typical gift-tag style with each girls’ name written on it. The next is a printable for the nail polish. These are small tags tied with twine around the nail polish. They’re in the shape of a ring and say “You’re going to nail being a *insert role here.” Finally, I made a 4x7 printable that was in the same theme as the bachelorette invitations. This is just a plane page that says “final fiesta” on it. I strung the pins through them so that the pins would not easily get lost, as well as providing an extra element to the gift. Pinterest has a million free printables you can choose from as well!

If you’d like to use my FREE printables (Final fiesta and the “Nailed it” rings), contact me with the subject “Printable” and I would happily send you it.

Put it all together

Now that you have all of your elements, it’s time to put your gift together. What I did was put a few layers of paper grass. This is meant to go with the theme of the gift but also provide some body for it. With delicate items like a wine glass and nail polish, it also offers some protection during its travels. Once there is enough padding, I placed each element facing upward towards the opening of the box. This is so that when the gift-receiver opens their present, they’ll see everything from a birds-eye-view. Tie a cute bow using the white ribbon and call it a day! If I were to re-do these boxes, I would add an element of greenery such as a sprig of eucalyptus or rosemary. I would also maybe add some Squish Prosecco gummy bears if I had a larger budget. Keep these in mind for your budget when planning your gift.


Now I know this all might seem pretty extra, but at the end of the day, if I’m the Maid of Honour, you’re going to get “extra.” This is a great way to add an extra element to your bachelorette party. By staying within your budget, you’re able to provide an adorable gift for each member of the bridal party, while also fulfilling elements of your theme. If you recreate this gift set for your own bridal party, be sure to share it with me! I’d love to see your recreations and new versions.

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