A world of creativity

An asset in my digital marketing portfolio are the areas of creative design that I have had experience with. From photoshop, videography and photography, I have dabbled in areas that can enhance any social media platform or website.



During my Digital Arts Communication minor, I took eight digital arts courses that focused on various areas of design, such as user experience design, design principles and photoshop. These projects were completed when I was enrolled in FINE 130 - Introduction to Photoshop. These basics have allowed me to continue to grow in my technical knowledge of Photoshop.



From short films, to documentaries and virtual reality manipulation, I have been able to experience a wealth of areas in videography. I have a variety of skills in the areas of story boarding, execution of videos and video editing. Through my Digital Arts Communication courses, I know the basics of cinematography and video editing.



From a young age I have been interested in photography. During my time at the University of Waterloo in the Digital Arts Communication minor, I had experience learning basic principles of design related to photography. These principles have helped me have a handle of good photography form that will benefit any social media platform of website.