I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with blogs other than my own. Please browse the following blog posts that I have written on behalf of other companies.


Benefits of Using a Landing Page for your Digital Campaign

You’ve narrowed down exactly what you want to explore in your digital marketing campaign, and now it’s time to execute it. From a user experience perspective, you have to map out what the user’s journey will be like in order to find the best way to optimize your content.


Free Tools to Help Automate your Marketing for Growth in 2019

We know it always seems like a new product is coming out that’s supposed to make your job so much easier. Sometimes there’s no way for us to get all of our work done without the tools we use. You already have to work on your day-to-day tasks, but then fit time in for meetings and those surprise projects that come your way.


Top 3 Trends to Add to your Marketing Strategy in 2019

With one month into this year, we know you are planning for upcoming marketing campaigns. There are specific things that you should keep in mind when preparing for this fresh start. We know you want to get as many eyes on your campaigns as possible. There’s always a need to identify where we can improve and how to continue to connect to our target audiences.


Millennial Buying Power: How Big Brands Are Aligning Themselves with Nonprofit Organization

Millennials are… typing that into a Google search brings up some stereotypical results: that we are lazy, stupid, entitled, or my personal favourite, the worst. But this could not be further from the truth, and in fact, millennials now make up the single largest group within the workplace and will soon become the largest consumer group as well.