University of Waterloo Flagship Events


TEDxUW is an annual event hosted at the University of Waterloo in collaboration with TED Talks. I covered the 2018 discussions on Facebook and Instagram.

Click to view the instagram story

Click to view the instagram story

“And that's a wrap! @TEDxUW, with great speakers who are #MakingWaves comes to an end. Thank you to all the inspiring speakers, guests and the #UWaterloo community for joining today.”

UWaterloo via Twitter


In 2018, UWaterloo welcomed it’s 200,000th graduate at convocation. I covered this bi-annual event via Twitter, Instagram stories and Facebook.

#WINS17 App

In 2017, the Waterloo Innovation Summit welcomed a mobile app to help with event scheduling and additional information. I managed this app.

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UW Animal Rights Society

Earthling Ed is a world-renowned animal rights activist. When ARS hosted him at UWaterloo, I garnered over 350+ people interested in the event on Facebook.



As a senior member of OPBSA, my role focuses on web design and updates, brand design, and social media management on Facebook and Instagram.


UWaterloo Women’s Centre

Throughout coordinating all of the events for the Women’s Centre in Spring 2016, I focused on the promotion of events through Facebook.

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Personal Branding


My personal branding was developed in conjunction with The idea is to have a minimal, cohesive, “breath of fresh air” aesthetic. This is primarily shown through my Instagram, as well as through continuity on the blog.


Instagram Theme


Quote Structure

Colour Palette


LIVE Off-Campus Housing Session


The 2017 Housing Fair was a Facebook event that was very successful. It had 120 people "attending," 520+ people "interested" and over 300 additional invitees. The Facebook Live Housing Session also gained over 3,300 views on Facebook.