University of Waterloo Web Design


UWaterloo Beyond Campaign

Each branded webpage follows a similar design. There are various calls to action, facts and figures and profiles that support the amazing influencers from the University of Waterloo. There are several single-page websites that influence the BEYOND campaign that I have had the pleasure of designing. 

Waterloo Magazine

The University of Waterloo Magazine is a bi-annual publication. It highlights the various achievements of Waterloo Alumni, researchers and supporters of the University. I have been fortunate enough to have worked on two Waterloo Magazine publications - Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.



Creative Services is a unit in University Relations at the University of Waterloo that supports the creation of creative materials for the departments, academic support units and faculties. The Order a Designed Project webform went through major edits to ensure efficiencies.

Global Impact Report

The Global Impact Report is a part of the State of the University Report which outlines the initiatives that the University of Waterloo tackles. The focus of the report is on Prosperity and Scarcity, Next-Generation Computing, Human-Machine Interaction, Climate Resilience and Natural Wonders, and Healthy Aging. 

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